We Support The Lupus Foundation

  We Support The Lupus Foundation

Judy Barsamian-Armstrong - CEO - Black Ty Brewing Company/SLO Comfort Sparkling Teas. As a nurse for more than 30 years and someone with Systemic Lupus for the past 20 years, I understand how important life is and how important making healthy choices as to what we eat and drink really are. Donate To The Lupus Foundation Below.

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  "A Unique Investment For Delicious Refreshment."

Cuesta College, SLO, CA - Student Feedback Video By Liam Somers & Andreas Kooi .

Our SLO Comfort Sparkling Teas have 50-60 calories depending on the flavor and only 17G of sugar which is half the sugar of a normal soda. The teas are also made with REAL fresh fruit and taste great! Best of all, those who search for gluten-free products are in luck as our products Gluten Free. We currently have 7 flavors available: Amazing Mango, Peachy Mango, Guava-Berry, Island Escape, Sparkling Blanc, Beachside Colada, Very Wild Berry, with many new flavors coming soon!

We are a local start-up company here in San Luis Obispo and our goal is to have our teas available to retailers, restaurants, Resorts, & Spa’s in the next 4 years! I work very hard at my job as the Successful CEO of a Local Surgery Center and my husband and I work just as hard with our business as we want families to have better choices when they reach for something to quench their thirst!


Judy Barsamian-Armstrong
Judy Barsamian-Armstrong - "OUR CEO ON THE GO."

Hello, I'm a successful CEO of a California Outpatient Surgery Center in San Luis Obispo, CA for the past 9 years. I wanted a beverage that was a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and caffeinated drinks. Though I searched, I couldn't find anything on the local Supermarket shelves that tasted great and had less sugar, so I decided to create one. That's when SLO Comfort Sparkling Teas were born.

With only 60 calories, 17 grams of sugar, and 17mg  of caffeine; I now have all the healthy benefits of a great tasting beverage made with fresh fruit without the high sugar content & jittery side effects of too much caffeine. SLO Comfort Sparkling Teas are Gluten Free as well!

Judy was diagnosed with the painful disease Lupus in 1996.

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